Smart Motion Sensor


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1.Mobile APP real-time control you can keep track of the security situation at home through the mobile phone APP,and you can keep track of the security situation at home when you are away,so you can travel with peace of mind!Intelligent recognition pet immunity Adopting Fresnel optical lens detection technology:It can prevent small pets from falsely reporting that pets weighing less than 25KG

2.Ultra-wide detection at a glance Effective detection 110º wide angle,can be detected in 12 meters of space in front

3.Crawling through detection alarm Reflecting mirror detection technology:effectively overcome the traditional shortcomings of detectors sneaking and crawling without warning

4.Light intensity,accurate detection Even when the light is strong and the light changes greatly,it can accurately alarm


Stand-by current 3μA

Alarm current 35mA

Detection distance 12m

Detection angle 110º

Pet-immune function≤25KG

Alarm Output Infrared alarm push,low battery push

Wi-FI/Zigbee IEEE802.11 b 2.4GH

Package Included:

1*WiFi/Zigbee Infrared Detectors Sensor